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Originally Posted by MJ777LR
Jose, thanks so much for confirming that, it really helps to know!

I'd like to get the newer model HU with built in USB/bluetooth. Does anyone know, if the unit has a Sirius logo on the outside, does it mean that it's a US-spec HU? There's a listing on ebay, but I'm not sure if the unit is a US model The ebay listing shows the Sirius logo on the outside of the HU, so I'm guessing it should be, since Sirius is a US-only thing. But, even so, I can't seem to find the part number on realOEM (65-12-9-289-127). I'd like to be sure before making a decision. Could anyone verify?
I bought from the same seller and could no find the part # on realoem.

Looks like the radio is Sirius ready. But, it has no optical MOST so be sure you don't need it.