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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
Congrats on this significant mod! I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy it. I only have a question for you. Will it be easy to remove the air filter for cleaning? The pics show it behind a lot of stuffs.
Looks like it can be reached by removing the pipe going from the intercooler to the turbo.

So I got it started tonight! I drove it around for a while with the meth off. At first I though it was in limp mode flooring it around 2000... but then it threw me back in the seat haha. Just need to get used to the shift in the powerband. It was around 11pm so I didn't mess with the tune at all and will run it on meth tomorrow.

When I first started it up, I had no misfires or anything luckily. Although there is a ticking in the engine bay. At first I thought injectors. But it is intermittent, ie. ticking for a minute then no ticking for 30 secs. If I rev above 1000 rpms it also goes away. It sounds like it is coming from around or behind the throttle body. I attached a youtube video. Any ideas?

Also the turbo sounds great. Takes a little longer to make some noise, but when it does you know it.

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