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Front brakes started smoking

Hey guys, after some aggressive driving and a very hard stop going down a hill my brakes started to smoke like crazy. There seemed to be no ill- effects performance wise immediately but now, 3 months later, the BRAKE light has been illuminated in red and will not go away. I checked the pads and there is plenty of pad left, but on the front pads there are a discoloration (almost like a gray area or where it could have caught fire). I don't think the rotors are glazed because they look normal and I am wondering what the cause of this BRAKE light can be. Recently, the brake pedal has required more travel and lacks bite along with braking performance. I'm going to replace my brake fluid (just rolled over 30k miles and the red car on a lift symbol is showing) and hopefully this will fix the problem. The fluid level is not too low but isnt at max. Should i replace my pads or not?