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so after 2 no shows, yesterday the wife was about to walk out the door to work only to see a bloke hanging round outside, she asked him if she could help (she said he looked quite shifty) to which he replied he was from BT and waiting for a colleague with a cherry picker (she didnt know what this was)
whilst she was around, he quickly drilled a hole into the porch from outside, fed in some cable, tacked it round, put the box in the place we wanted and made it neat, asked her to plug the phone in, then said she could get off to work, she said he held her up all of 10mins.
I get home last night to find out that they have run a new line from the house to the connection on the street (neatly), and theres a message on the house phone from said bloke to say that all is done and sorry for the delay.

makes you wonder how they manage to make it so damn hard work, when it can be this easy.

thats the difference between BT and contractors I guess!