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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
Replace English with Scottish. What's Celtic got to do with England? And if you meant British then I'd politely say don't tar us with the same Samaras tarred brush!

The English league is the most competetive in the world. In Spain the same two clubs win everything full stop. Italy, the two Milan teams have declined significantly and Juventus are involved in Match Fixing allegations YET AGAIN.
IMHO - The only league which is as exciting to watch is the Bundesliga as there are a number of contenders there also.
Is that the same competitive English league that the league is virtually over in the middle of February and has been the same team winning 12 out of the previous 21 season with a few blips along the way?

Blackburn bought the league and will never get back there. Chelsea the same and don't look like getting back there, Man City bought it and any new competition rules in relation to finances will kill their finances to challenge and Arsenal are miles away from challenging.

The gap is widening at the top of the league.

Man City had the worst champions league position of any English team ever.

Chelsea were the first winners to get knocked out in the group stages the following year. Finishing behind Juventus and Shaktar.

We have watched English teams struggle against average European teams in recent years. Yes Chelsea won the CL last year but let's be honest they were completely outclassed in many games.

Arsenal looked touch and go this year before finishing second in the group behind Shalke and narrowly ahead of the Olympianikos.

Man Utd has about an easy a group as champions league groups can be.

Man Utd failed to qualify last year finishing behind Benfica and Basle before getting outclassed by a mid table Althletico Bilbao.

Man City finished behind Bayern and Napoli last year before getting knocked out the Europa league by Sporting Lisbon.

The English premier is good to watch. I'm not saying that at all.

From relatively comfortable qualification for many in champions league groups, too often the English teams are getting outclassed.

That wasnt the case a few years back.

Man Utd did better than I thought last night. Fair play to them.

Nobody can pretend that the runaway league leaders are anywhere near the team they once were?

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