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e9012345, ok I have to pipe in here. There's a lot of issues with your stories. In your first post you said they didn't show badge or badge number and now after you went to 33 division they "know those officers". Did they just pull officers out of a hat and say yup those guys were officers. I'm really starting to think someone might have gotten a ticket and had to vent.

I'll be the first to agree there's bad cops and good cops but what your saying is amazing. Comparing this country to Nazi Germany? Are you being serious? Have you stepped into any other country in the world and seen how Police act / corruption there? I think we have not pretty good here in Canada.

In my 30 years of being a pretty big dickhead to Police iv never got my "face kicked in" now that I'm older, iv realized that I treat people with respect like I want to be treated.

I'm ending it here because like I said... 3 sides to every story.

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