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Thanks guys --

Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Damn, David, you get around. Killer shot. Looks like a cool place (no pun intended).
I try, I try. Although it was a lot easier at that time to take a trip like this by myself -- now I would have to convince my wife and then take a whole cargo plane full of 147 changes of clothes for the kids!

Originally Posted by Itsed65 View Post
Neat looking place! I never left the airfield in Iceland, wish I had.
I know the feeling, been to a few places where it would have been nice to get out if the airport - no airfields for this civilian

Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
Nice shot David! Didn't they film the first scene of Prometheus around there?
No idea but it seems like it would fit the bill, parts of Iceland look like Mars!

Originally Posted by Weebl View Post
I'd hit it.
Very pretty.
Haha, it's definitely worth a hit!

I walked the whole edge of that place trying to find some unconventional spot for a unique shot and then walked all the way back to where I started and ended up with this one as the best shot of Gullfoss from that day.