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Originally Posted by P 5UML View Post
yea of course!

at 23 they wouldnt even insure me on an e46 M3!

im 25 with 5+ NCB and thats just how much it is!

i guess it has to do with area's sometimes too but even then the difference cant be that much!
everyone i know/speak to with similar cars and age groups pay around the same as me! to find someone my age on the e92 3.0ltr under 1k for insurance i think is pretty rare!

and if it is less than 1k id like to know more lol! cos i need to change insurers if thats the case
It is most probably down to location mate. Maybe London is just more expensive. I live in a quiet neighborhood on the edge of town. For the E90 I was with privilege. They were very good on their renewal quotes. Was with them for 4 years and they just gave the best quote from the off. However on the 46M they were a 1k more than what I pay now plus they are asking for 900 excess. Ridiculous.