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Originally Posted by P 5UML View Post
yea i think so too bud!
jeez 1k more and 900 excess is crazy!!!!!

i was driving an a3 2.0 Tdi Sline DSG before the BM and was paying around 600 for that! it just doubled with the BM, plus i think the whole OBD port and recent insurance guides changing everyone is just getting stung
yea must be something on those lines about the OBD thefts. Mate on a side note, On the 46M every insurer gives ridiculous quotes for excess. I am still not entirely sure why the excess's are so high. Direct line said 800 comp plus 150 voluntary plus the cost of insurance on top. Same story for Aviva.

Over on M3cutters a few of the lads have declared their cars Sorn because of insurance premiums. No an option for me mines a daily driver.


P.s get your new wheels up man. The suspense.................. lol