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Originally Posted by smakee View Post
Hello all, I'm potentially moving out to Denver with my job and have a few questions about registering a car out there. I have a 2009 335i e90 and I am starting to do research on exhaust mods. Not looking to get rid of the stock DPs, but could you run the HPF system with stock cat DPs and still pass emissions out there? If not what would be the options to keep it legal on the street?

Here in NC I have a guy, so I don't worry about questions like this.
You should move to El Paso County (Colorado Springs) - we did away with emissions tests a few years back

On a more serious note, it appears that there is no restriction on the HPF exhaust being sold in California. If that is the case, I can't imagine Denver would be more restrictive than California, so I imagine you'd pass, but I'm sure someone in Denver with more knowledge than I will give you a more thorough answer.

Welcome to CO - it is a great state (although we do visit Atlantic Beach each year - NC is pretty nice too ).