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Originally Posted by JS-NA.E92 View Post
Let's not discourage the OP from doing what he wants to do, if he doesn't want to take our advice then we should guide him the right direction.

To the OP here's some advice, not worth the money to do everything you want to do on these NA engines. But if you have deep pockets then alright, I will tell you everything you would want to know.

AA Tune
AA Exhaust (New One)
MMW Headers
3 Stage Intake Manifold
Simota V2 Intake or BMW Performance Intake

If you really got deep pockets then you should do a whole complete engine rebuild with all performance everything!
Originally Posted by Johnny D View Post
I have the equivalent to every modification listed minus the muffler. While my car is "quick" id get beat easily by a g37. You're better off taking the $8k in mods and getting a 335i, e46 m3, or project car. I gave up on making this car faster and started building a turbo e30.
no matter what you do, or how much you spend your not going to ever get 335 type stright line performance out a 325/328/330 so if thats what you want buy something else. or start a lil project car......

aa tune
kn filter, char. del
headers (no cats)
muffler del & res del
3 stg IM

all that will cost you half of what suggested above and will produce 85% of the gains.
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