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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
On pavement? You have my total respect if ya torqued your suspension there.

I torqued all o'mine at normal ride height.

Did you do an alignment after install? Should. Toe, camber; thrust angle. If out, and it prob is, can cause your issue.
yeah, you can torque the bolts for the bushings with car on ground and bottom panel removed. It's a tight spot but do-able (I didn't drop my car, it sits at sport suspension height which probably helps with clearance). Nuts for ball joints - wishbones are doable on the ground, tension strut ball joints are not....but...I read somewhere on this forum that the ride height process matters only for the bushing side. Maybe that's wrong. I'll probably redo them just to make sure.

eventually getting an alignment, for now I used your string + jack stand process to set the toe back until then. Not sure if alignment would cause the issue turning the steering wheel when car is at rest. My problem doesn't occur at speeds greater than 5mph (if that).