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Originally Posted by CJ421 View Post
You're welcome.

Respectfully I disagree. Using a lot of rebound damping in an attempt to improve handling is a 1960s/1970s plan of attack. Quite frankly you're wrong to set compression to the softest, if good handling is your goal.
I didn't suggest running a lot of rebound, I said rebound adjustment is more crtitcal to get spot-on compared to compression. i.e. your compression damping can be slightly off optimum and it won't have as high an effect, compromising handling and grip than if the rebound adjustment is off optimum.

Thus why 1 way dampers manufactured by Ohlins, Koni, KW, etc have the one adjustment alter the rebound damping with only a very slight effect on compression damping change. If compression damping was more important to get spot-on, this would be the main adjustment of a one way damper.

I don't run the softest compression damping available, I run the softest I can get away with for my set-up and track, sprint or hill climb tarmac conditions. i.e. bump absorbsion without compromising grip.

It's worked for me for the last 30 years of competing and track work.