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Originally Posted by tcw View Post
Yea you called it. I am working with Shiv to fix it. He had me log meth flow and it read 0. Although I know meth is flowing because my BOV it blowing it everywhere.

I am going to check my wiring tomorrow or Saturday and see if I am having a connection issue somewhere.

As a side note, I got accepted to GA Tech for grad school yesterday so maybe there will be 2 single turbos in the area next fall.
Put a voltmeter on the wire that sends the signal from the flow meter to the Procede, jump the hop switch so the pump goes, rev past 3000 rpm (in neutral) and press the volume down button. See if the volts go down from 5V.

Congrats on getting into GT's grad school!! Such a great engineering school. I am not in Atlanta right now, I graduated there for undergrad back in 06 [also in Mechanical Engineering]. I currently am working in Orlando (PE). I have been considering going back for my Masters though, but need to finish law school up first (year left).
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