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Its all in the sniffer!

Originally Posted by richpike View Post
You should move to El Paso County (Colorado Springs) - we did away with emissions tests a few years back

On a more serious note, it appears that there is no restriction on the HPF exhaust being sold in California. If that is the case, I can't imagine Denver would be more restrictive than California, so I imagine you'd pass, but I'm sure someone in Denver with more knowledge than I will give you a more thorough answer.

The key is the sniffer guys, same as California. When you breeze the sniffer test, *some* of the visual stuff will go by the wayside and you will have leverage (e.g. not EGR, 2nd-Air deletes!). I've moved all over and got the highly modified M car smogged and registered in CA x2, WA x1, NV X2, and just recently CO. Every state has their nuances but the sniffer test from CO and CA are quite similar actually. Same with their visual process....

I just went through this recently with 3 very modified vehicles coming from Nevada. FWIW -- I went to the Sheridan Air-Care station each time. No trickery or envelope hand-offs.

-F150 with ported heads, long tubes, aftermarket cams/tune and cats, lifted with 33x12.50's
-Audi A4 QT - Stock turbo/cat pushing 20 psi - Aftermarket Tune/SMIC/Injectors
-E46M3 - SS stepped V1 headers, V1 sec1 with 200 cell cats, CSL airbox, dyno-tuned Alpha-N Evolve tune (8300 rpm, 950 idle, less cam overlap, no cold start, SMG shift lights for 6mt etc.). Its cranky and mean.

I got all three through the process pretty easily. Granted, I've never been the "delete every emissions device" guy. Not worth the gain even if you can get away with it. Could also be a product of spending my first two decades in California CARB nazi land....

You *should* pass that with stock cats and DPs assuming the car runs properly.

I felt fine about passing on the M3 until the induction noise of the CSL box was echoing through the dyno area as the operator got the car up to highway speed on the rollers. The young air-care techs came by to watch as it finished. That is where I got worried.

They did seem to go over the BMW much more carefully in comparison to my pickup and the Audi; however, they were fair in the process. I would likely do the same if I was a tech in their shoes.

The computer couldn't connect to the M3's gas-cap properly on 2 different machines. When the manager saw I passed the sniffer and OBDII tests she waived the gas cap test and gave me my paperwork for the county vehicle licensing.

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