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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
So maybe a bit more clarification.... An extended warranty DOES make money for the policy writer. If it did not over all make money for the policy writer, extended warranties would not exist. What really cracks me up is the tire/wheel warranty the dealer tries to sell you. Who in the hell pays to insure a consumable item such as a tire? It's like buying insurance to ward off stale bread. The point being if you can't self insure for a tire replacement, then maybe owning an expensive car with fancy 45-series tires and delicate rims is not in your best financial interest.

And just to be clear, if the 335i can't be owned past the 100,000 mile warranty period (100,000 is the max I see BMW willing to let people pay for) then the car is a peice of shit. That said, if you expect it to only last 100,000 miles and drive great while doing it, then by all means, it's your money so do what thall wilt.