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Originally Posted by NoTempoLimitN54 View Post
You're going to hate me... I paid $50.50 in labor (at The M Shop in Glendale, CA), and about $70.00 for two liters of MTF-LT-3 (purchased from another forum member that bought a 5L jug and sold me the rest after doing his oil change himself).

I did my 6MT oil at 50k (bought the car with 43k). Next change will be at 80k.

Didn't DIY because my garage is too small to jack up the E92 level to do the job. I did do my own differential fluid change.

$900.- is steep, but a replacement transmission will be 5-10x the cost. Maybe you can get away without doing the full flush now (do the partial), and do full flush at 100k.
Yeah, it was a bit of a shock...our old E36 M3 was also an auto, and we changed the fluid and filter twice, once at 60K and again at 120K, and it was WAY cheaper, because you didn't have to replace the friggin' pan just to get a new filter. When we sold it to our mechanic after buying the 335i, the auto box in the M3 was still solid with over 140K miles on it.

Little did we know what we were in for this time around...!