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Originally Posted by CJ421 View Post
I ran my stock pads on the track until they started disintegrating due to excessive heat; they were white around the edges and chipped/chunked. In addition to doing that, I'm in agreement you probably boiled the brake fluid.

The red BRAKE light is related to the brake sensors; the sensors are designed to trip when the pads get down to a certain thickness (the sensor wears down with the pad and the connection eventually breaks, triggering the light). The sensors also trip however due to heat.

I concur with ashmostro; get the pads replaced and the sensors while you're at it (sensors are cheap). The rears might be OK (the front brakes do most of the work), but double-check. I'd also recommend a brake fluid flush, especially if it's been a while since your last one. Boiling the brake fluid (and just time in general) reduces its effectiveness. Consider going with high-temp brake fluid, if you're going to be driving the car hard. It won't boil as easily.

I'm not sure if they are white, but I'm going to pull the pads tomorrow and check it out. Ill try to take pictures of what I'm talking about. Hopefully I can get away with just replace the brake fluid with some super blue lol. If I was to just replace the front brakes would it be okay to have cool carbon brake pads up front and oem brakes in the rear?