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Originally Posted by kkashanchi View Post
I still am hesitant to say its the pads because why would this decrease in brake-potency occur so long after they started to smoke? The BRAKE light came on last week and that is months after the front brakes started to smoke. I should have added that the red car on a lift signal is also showing and that i just rolled over 30k miles for the 30k service but I am out of warranty. Is there any way that I just need to change the brake fluid and maybe the sensors?

Could be a variety of things causing further degradation. It's kind of academic at this point since your pads probably would benefit from being thrown in the trash, lol. If you do replace the pads only, make sure to scuff the rotors with a flex hone or an abrasive pad (not sandpaper!) if you are switching pad compounds. Hell I would do it anyway if you overheated the brakes since you could have uneven pad transfer on the rotors which can eventually lead to shuddering.

But again, at the very least you should probably bleed the lines and replace the pads with something new.