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Originally Posted by ashmostro View Post
Minus the fab costs for the brackets (since I haven't done them yet), I have some preliminary numbers that are interesting:

Equivalent "stage 2" kit using a 34-row Setrab core while utilizing the stock thermostat (if you already have one): $560 This is the cheapest option unless you want a smaller core, but I don't recommend that.

Same as above with a 180 degree external thermostat bypassing the stock one: $763. This could be lowered to $617 using an alternative thermostat bypass method I will be testing on my car before recommending it.

This is using push-lock hoses and ends to save money where it doesn't matter.

Compare these prices to other 34-row Setrab kits and savings is anywhere from $240-$440 depending on configuration. This is assuming a $100 mounting kit cost (again, I have no idea on that yet since I haven't fabbed it up yet).

get to it! I'm excited for the bracket