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Originally Posted by Mr Hahn View Post
I only used dedicated summer tires while I lived in Hawaii. Summer tires become useless on snow, ice, or simply when it gets below 45 degrees outside. I think the weather in Utah changes too much to go with a dedicated summer tire and risk getting caught in a late spring or early fall storm.

Instead I use an ultra high performance all-season like the General G-MAX AS-03 from spring to fall. They still handle good enough for spirited summer driving in the canyons with M-Coupe, they're cheap, they last longer, and they can actually be driven in low temperatures with light snow and ice on the ground. For the winter months around November to February I switch to a set of Blizzak's on a dedicated set of rims.
I do the same thing on my Mini which is my daily driver. Winter tires for the cold months ( end of nov - first of march ) and ultra high performance all seasons for the rest of the year. Been to many times where you get some cold spell even into May where summer tires get rock hard or in November where we still see 60 during the day but, upper 30's at night.