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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
You can upgrade to Win 7 pro and get XP mode

I think after you update the VO in both the modules that require it. You still have to code the radio as in code the RAD or 2urad file and go in an set individual options in that file in
some cases.

You can upgrade to Win 7 pro and get XP mode
The only program that won't work in 64 bit mode is NCSexpert.
I got a Kcan cable from ebay from some European Source that had
the three base programs inpa ebidas and ncsexpert plus DIS57 and
SSS, TIS bundled. The thing is it wasn't very uptodate version of the three base programs and they make you set up the other two programs in Vmware.
I got DIS57 working which is kind of worth it because it gives you a one step diagnostics and will read all the BMW Codes and BMW shadow codes.
I could not get SSS running as it said it wouldn't take anything but and icom cable this is pretty common. I think I payed 50 bucks shipped for the setup.
Also you can get a win7 pro upgrade for about 60 bucks . All this stuff takes
a lot of disk space and DIS57 and SSS run real slow even on a fast computer.

All the cars before 2010 have bluetooth and most other options in separate hardware modules that vary by model year. If you have to spend money on those modules you are probably better off buying a Dension gateway 500s BT that will give you Ipod , usb , bluetooth phone and Bluetooth music streaming .
I already have the module that counts.. The one with usb/ipod intergration and bluetooth. Should have cost me only 80 bucks to have program but the places that are willing to try are trying to dick me.. 105 to "diagnose" and 120.00 to program lolol