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HOW do I enable this feature?

Originally Posted by m3monkey View Post
BMW CIC NAVIGATION NORTH AMERICA 2013 Upgrade quick guide:
Ok, read through all 20+ pages and completed my upgrade. Here's a quick guide for everyone. So you can skip all these pages. Although I recommend reading it.

1. Download the map via torrent. (attached file) For those who don't know what torrent is, please google it. (dowload took about 10 hrs. Depends on your internet speed)

2. Contact ******* for your FSC Code. You need this code before you can start updating, without a code you cant do anything. I (and many others here) have got our FSC codes from *******. His email is ***************** As for price, you need to email him. (got code within 10 mins after payment)

again I ask - how do we enable 3D maps? I have a 2009 and it doesn't appear that this is an option?
3. After your map download finishes. You'll need to put your 2013 map into a USB Drive. Reference this guide (click me) on how to do that and to begin your update. (update took about 45 mins)


Below are my navi photos:

Version before the update:

Version after the update:

3D Mode:

Good Luck, Hope this helps!!
Again I ask - HOW do I enable this? Is this feature only available in some navs? I have a 2009 vehicle