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Originally Posted by David@ApexRaceParts View Post
...The 17x9.0" ET30 and 17x8.5" ET40 do not have this issue, and spacers would only be added for cosmetics on the 17x8.5" ET40 since it sits well inside of the fender. People would then add a spacer to push the wheel away from the hub so that it sits closer to the fender for aesthetic purposes.

That is correct, the 17x9.0" ET30 with the 245/40/17 setup would be a great setup for those that do not have camber plates or aftermarket suspension, or do not have a dedicated track setup. These are one of the most popular setups for the e9x non-M for dual duty and street use. The wheels sit very flush to the fender, and does not require any additional modifications for the tires to clear as long as you are using a street tire. Extreme summer tires or R-compounds may give you trouble when you are lowered, but at stock height they should also be okay.
Hey David -

I have an 08 e91 xi (pre LCI) and was curious how the 17x9 et30's would fair. Does the fact it has awd make much of a difference compared to the non-awd applications? I would be doing a square setup with 255 or 245 40 17 Conti DWS's if that helps.

Thanks in advance!