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Originally Posted by Earlfish View Post
So I just bought an Accessport today, was all excited and realized I had an unsupported ROM.

I have an appontment scheduled at the dealer on Monday. I told them I had issues with idle and cold start and general powerband hiccups.

Any other tips to get this update done? I really want to run the Accessport.

*first post btw
Nice first post... Here's my update from today which may be very valuable to you guys wanting an update.

Tell them there is this SIB available for your car...

SIB 120912 - cold starts, Rough idling, acceleration lag

I'm actually very surprised how nice the car drives with the update. What an improvement... when i first started the car up, I thought it died but then i looked at the RPMs and it was hovering nicely just under 1k. The engine seems sooooo smooth and shifts perfectly i'm a happy camper