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Mark Anthony,

I hadn't considered you'd be driving less than 5000 miles.. In that case I would not get the maintenance plan and use a qualified indy (that your warranty will recognize) or go to the dealership for routine maintenance.. Heck in that small space of mileage you could go a year and only need an oil change!

I would still consider extended warranties if they are priced right as the biggest cause for worry is not really maintenance but unkown repair costs.. The evap repair alone that I had done at the dealership was $2800 and I think Indy will charge around $1500 +/-300. The repair costs I have experienced to 100k miles(and I don't abuse the car, just drive 56 mile commute, M-F) outweigh the 'dealership' maintenance costs by a factor of about 5 or 6.

Some of the things that have failed on my E90 325i to 100k miles:

water pump
valve cover gasket
oil pan leak
driver side lock actuator
various window actuators (rear windows most of the time)
various RFT flat tire replacements (replaced under warranty)
evaporator (most expensive of them all)
other stuff....