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Arrow So OT give me some input on what set-up TV/home media system to buy for my new place!

Hi I'm 5 years old and just got my own place, I recently bought a brookstone HDMI projector and a 70inch projector screen from Best Buy and the quality is alright, but feel like it's a huge hassle to plug things up because of all the ugly excess wires laying across the floor, and not to mention the little projector sits on a tripod while connected to my laptop because it's not mounted to the ceiling (Can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it)

I liked the wow factor of the projector and got it mainly for get togethers with friends, but I'm not sure if I should just keep that for the cool factor or go for a 50+- inch TV?? Input?
I don't know anything about TVs at the moment, can someone recommend a decent one to get without breaking the bank? Remember I'm only 5.
Oh and I don't actually watch TV, this is just for Movies, Music Videos, and Gaming with friends.

Oh I also got a BOSE home speaker system (Woofer and two speaker)
It was like 600 with tax, good buy or are there better options?

Any input on home media systems appreciated!
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