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Originally Posted by racerg35335 View Post
I posted this in the forum as well but Enema and I thought it would be a good idea to post here as well. Anybody on the ropes about playing with ATR please read on!!

I have to give a shout out and say what a great product COBB makes with its AP and ATR software. I finally bit the bullet and took advantage of the
e85 available in my area. A BIG thanks goes out to Enema for helping me with my custom e30 map based on Stage 1+ agg. I was having timing corrections with stg 1+ agg on 93. Now after adding timing and adjusting the scalars accordingly I have a faster car (according to VD a 30 to 40hp gain) with zero timing corrections. Car runs great and feels smoother than the OTS map!! Not sure if this is due to the map or the e85 but the car seems to love the stuff. We started conservatively and I know there is more power to be had so I will be adding a bit more timing to see what I can squeeze out safely. Needless to say, I am currently one happy camper.
Also notice the CAI temps with the ETS 5in.

Ok, I can't seem to get the log or vd to post via upload (cvs file) or get a screenshot to paste. If anybody could let me know I would appreciate it. Print screen and ctrl V is not working. Sorry, apparently I am a bit computer illiterate. lol
You can either open the CSV in excel and save a copy as a text file and attach it or create a .Zip folder and put a copy in there and attach the zip.

You did all the work man, I just helped you get started
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