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Originally Posted by lenzm3edan View Post
Very nice, love the look of the 991, Porsche did an awesome job! Congrats..
Gotta say it is one of their better designs

Originally Posted by Asbjørn View Post
Congratulations on your new car! It looks great, and I understand your concerns with warranty and ESS.

I always wanted to ask an enthusiast who is choosing a Porsche over an ESS BMW why he would be willing to get a car that is so much more difficult to over-steer safely. You obliviously get a much quicker an precise turn-in by removing all that weight from the front wheels, but I assume you wont be going much sideways anymore?
Ill have to go sideways at least a couple times!!

Originally Posted by py0413 View Post
Great move on the 991. Congratulations. I also went from e90 M3 to 997.2. Both great cars and I often miss the M3 that I really hope to have both.

Interestingly, I was dropping by to see a GTR at the local dealer and the sales rep. Kept on talking about my p car instead of the GTR he's supposed to try selling. Again, if money isn't a concern, I'd love to have a GTR in my garage too. Just a fantastic car in its own way.
That how i felt when I looked at the GTR. All the attention was on my M3 and not on the car I was going to buy. It kinda made me feel like i was making a mistake.