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Turner Motorsport's Performance Software vs. BMS Power Box (PBX)

This thread is specifically for E9X 328i or 328xi SULEV cars with N51 engines & may apply to some with the N52 engines.

I've took a look at both the Turner Motorsport's Performance Chip and BMS's Powerbox & cannot decide which of the two is best. Money is not much of a problem, just looking for some good performance gains.

- Turner Motorsport Specifies a 15HP/12LB gain from their remap, which switches the programming for 91 octane fuel instead of 87 & focusing more on low and mid-range torque gains. $499.00

- BMS's Powerbox doesn't say much but a 10HP/10LB gain. They talk about throttle remapping and that their product can change settings to fit your performance need. Doesn't really specify in details of any other improvements but I've heard many people do this mod opposed to the Turner Motorsport's. $279.00

- BOTH of these software removes the throttle deadspots and drastically improves responsiveness.

Has anybody tried any of these software upgrades for their cars & were satisfied with it? Which would work best with noticeable gains and can they both work simultaneously together for added HP & Torque?

Thanks, I know it was a lot to read but I'd figure this would be the only place for honest answers


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