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Originally Posted by Clearmysix View Post
More info from my end.

500 - BMW San Diego
250 - BMW Encinitas

I am basically looking for a "good deal" price that I can ask for over the phone. I'd like it to include an oil change, filter, and top off of DEF. All done properly, hopefully with a free car wash and no check engine lights.

I also live in a condo. Working on your own car in the common parking lot is not allowed.

Thanks again for all the replies
I would walk in the next time you go to a dealer and talk to a service advisor. Ask what it costs to change the oil sans DEF (which would include filter, etc.) and work out an agreed to price for the DEF. if you want a firm quote in advance including the DEF, they will give you a CYA quote and charge you for more than you will likely need (as they should as they are taking on the risk of you giving them an empty DEF tank).

I would say 95-120 for the oil change + $15-20/g of DEF sounds "fair" as far as dealer pricing is concerned.

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