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Originally Posted by BMW_E90
can u take a few pictures of the welding work? please... and nice exhaust dude!
No welding required. Its bolt on, first they cut off the old exhaust. Next for my 330i, since I have the valve control system in the longer exhaust pipe, they disconnect it and for the valve control sytem and for the valve stem they used I believe a rubber nail or rubber fill in object(im not complete positive on this). I have heard others on the forum say they used a "golf-tee" I believe. They use the adhesive and put it on the eisenmann and the eisenmann comes with a clamp. Finally they attach the exhaust with the adhesive onto the chassis and then bolt on the clamp. Then your pretty much finished. I was actually run through this process by Val at Great Neck Auto Tech. Since there was a big sign in the waiting room and garage that stated "No customers are allowed into the workplace, because of insurance purposes." In reality I dropped my car off and went home, and waited for the phone call in which the work was completed.