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Sean, how can the customer claim damages from a courier? I told you the instant that I tried contacting the courier about this they instructed only the paying customer (duke dynamics) can claim compensation as you paid for the shipping. It doesn't make sense that me as a customer can claim compensation or put in a claim if I didn't pay for services of the courier in the first place.

Yes I needed diffuser ASAP and once the diffuser arrived (2 months later or more) with both cosmetic damage and manufacturing defects (see the pictures around exhaust section) I asked for a replacement to be sent and you said to claim compensation and also to send back the diffuser at my own cost which is ridiculous.

I was in contact with you for over 3-4 months asking when replacement will be sent and I just got excuses after excuses. It is no coincidence that by the time I received the original diffuser I was no longer able to claim a refund from PayPal as refund time had expired. It's been 6-7 months since i ordered the diffuser and still no replacement has arrive. So what do you expect a customer not to complain or post up pictures?

There is no marking on the diffuser to show if its for a e90 or e92 so how do I even know you have sent me a diffuser that will fit?

You service has been shocking in this instance. With you offering no resolution or even once offering a refund on the item. You customer service is the worst I have experienced and you have the audacity to post on here that this is my fault or I have not cooperated. It's a complete farce.

Forum members have the right to know about the poor level of service I have received. If you don't want negative posts written about your company then don't rip off customers and then ask for them to be taken down. Do something to fix the situation!! FFS!

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