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Originally Posted by OrangeInOhio View Post
I thought our cars required 91 octane and they were already programmed for that, or am I missing something?

I would go with the powerbox. I like the idea of adjusting it and completely disabling it if need be. That's just me though.
according to my owner's manual BMW recommends 91 but doesn't really require it. I guess software is detuned to using 87 due to it being an option at the pump. But from what I read the higher the fuel grade, the more HP & Torque your car can make. So if your car is programmed to using 87 it's not really utilizing the full potential of the 91 grade when we gas up. I mean that's the conclusion I can draw.

Having an option of adjusting & disabling it does make sense, but do you think I can use both tune at the same time? Thanks for the reply bro