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Originally Posted by ericfox11 View Post
If that happened to me I would probably start screaming the F word as loud as I could scaring off customers until they fixed it. Who the hell do these people think they are? The cars they manufacture are so shitty that they can't even hit a pothole and not break? If you had 4 broken rims and your headlights messed up, I think they should still fix your damn lights.

My lights are aimed low and I'm still under factory warranty I'm taking it in on Tuesday and I hope they try to tell me some shit like this!
How old are you? If you want to make sure your SA hates you and will never, ever go out of their way to help you out in the future, you should act this way.

Being civil, patient, and persistent are the keys to getting what you want. Pitching a fit like a toddler certainly won't convince anyone to change their minds.