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Originally Posted by rclee820 View Post
After driving all the way back to the dealership that sold me the vehicle, they took care of the problem without any fuss while I waited. I would just like to get my facts in order and determine what consumer rights I have regarding the shady practice of my local dealership. I feel it's necessary to bring to light their questionable actions, even if it means getting the state AG's office involved.
Cars been fixed from the original dealer you bought it from for free so least its all fixed now. As for consumer rights, the dealer you took it to having broken any laws ect so apart from a letter of complaint to the bmw dealer/ warranty provider and a hope of a good will jesture there's not really much else you can't expect I'm afraid.

Kicking and screaming wont help, I'm a regional manager for a top 50 company yand if someone started swearing and kicking off I just switch off, won't help and just not them on. Be patient, polite and persistent, that will get a better response!