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I'm leaning towards Ground Control coils, and will probably not be able to afford dedicated track wheels for a while. Will have to live with PSS' on the stock 313's. Agree it's better to have square track wheels though.

I'm making my own Setrab-based oil cooler, with extrenal 180 degree Mocal thermostat (there's a thread I started on here about that - I want to provide the kit information to the public so they can build their own for much less than the overpriced kits out there).

I ordered a VRSC 7" intercooler. I know some look down on the brand- I will decide for myself if it was a good idea or a bad one.

As for LSD, I'm budgeting an OS Giken superlock. I'd rather spend a little more and get the best.

Also budgeting M3 front arms, rear subframe bushings, and *maybe* rear arms as well. I'm not convinced of the bang for the buck on the rear arms though.

As for the K&N filter, is that more for better filtration and hence protection, or performance over OEM?

I upgrade the brakes and will see if the pads are temp-stable enough for the track. RB rotors may come later but not now. If anything, I might retro the factory air ducts to make true and actually effective ducts- best brake enhancement for the track, hands down.

Thanks again and keep the suggestions coming if you have more!