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New guy 2010 335

Hey all, after months of lurking thought it might be a good time to actually join and Post. O, and now I feel a bit more worthy as I have joined the ranks of the few and proud with my new, to me, toy.

2010 CPO 335i e90 sedan

24k on the odometer. Shop manager was excellent and printed the comprehensive service records, prior owners name redacted of course, and took me through them line by line. All signs point to a meticulously maintained vehicle and a first owner as anal as me, hopefully.

Yes, the e90 sedan, not the coup, demanded the soon to be wife, but really I think the sedan is classier, just my opinion of course. There are some pretty amazing e92s floating around this forum, so no disrespect.

Msport package
Msport power pack
BMW performance exhaust
Manual transmission - all day!
As a former ricer this car honestly kind of scared me the first few times out. I'm sure I will get used to it and of course get the itch to mod, but for now I am happy, very happy!!

All the other bells and whistles too, car is fully loaded soup to nuts, but he important stuff is above.

No mods yet aside from my trusty valentine one radar detector taken from my other baby, more on that later.

Near term wish list
35% tint all around minus windshield of course
OEM black kidney grills

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