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Drives: 09' BMW 335i
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My times were in the mid 14's at around 100 mph
I was shifting at around 6700
I was brake boosting at around 4k rpms
I'm running new yokohama S drive
I'm kind of let down because on the last race I lost to a mustang V6 lol or seemed like it was a v6 I didn't see the back of it.
It's not my first time on the track, but it is the first time I race this car, plus I've never raced with an automatic.
I know the car is faster than that but I'm having trouble launching, I've been reading some and some say start on M1, DTC off, others say M2, everything off, some say launch at 6k rpms, others at 2k, I'd just like a definitive answer if possible.
I'm not about to kill myself for this lol, and I know practice makes better but there's not much room to practice here where I live. By the way I have easy access to E85 fuel here but don't know what map to use with it and what percentage to use with regular gas.