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Originally Posted by ward View Post
those HP/wt ratio's look off

330 in the MZ4/3230 lbs =9.8

X hp /3583lbs=9

I thought procede was about 350hp, you have to have 400 hp to have a ratio you claim

I'm sure adding some HP is safe, but 100 hp from software alone, safely

Where do you get that BAD info? I thought you've been on this Forum a very long time; certainly long enough to have accurate info about the PROcede.

My car dyno'd at 322WHP and 378 lb.-ft. RWTQ, which translates into approx. ~ 379BHP and 445 lb.-ft. TQ, and my dyno was a bit low compared with a few other PROcede 335i's...some have dyno'd at ~330WHP.

btw -- from Shiv's dynos of PROcede v2.0, this upgraded s/w should net us PROcede 335i's with approx. 410-425BHP with TQ remaining the same or a bit higher!!!!! :rocks:

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