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Originally Posted by buildbright View Post
Don't be so angry. I like Corvettes and have owned them and raced them. My knowledge comes from personal experience. I am sorry reading magazines has not informed you about this flaw. The Modern Corvettes have very advanced traction control systems to help this. But I just thought it was funny because it's brand new and already crashed. if GM would have made the new Vette Mid engine and use a small forced induction motor I would buy another one.

Also the Ford Mustang is the most popular by far not the Vette.

That 2 seater comment is silly. Let's see GM come out with a AWD car that can keep up with a GTR. Let's see GM build a car that doesnt feel cheap inside.

I am no BMW fanboy and was no comparing the too.
The point is, you have not driven the C7, you don't know any of the detail regarding the accident, all you've seen is a picture on the internet of a pre-production C7 off the road in a ditch next to a wall of rock and some scrapes on the driver’s side, and you make a silly comment that the new C7 is as crash-able as the old model. Came across as a bit boyism to me.