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Thank you!!!

I did change my weter pump and thermostat today...spend only $265.00 for both (great deal from Canada) plus $25.00 in a gallon of was pretty simple with your tutorial and the only two hassle was taking off the small hose that is hold with a clamp and re-installing the front clip hose on the thermostat...other than that it was simple...

Also not sure if you post it...there is a step to follow at the end to get the air out of the system plus checking for leaks and make sure your new pump is working:

1. fill reservoir with 50/50 mix of coolant to the top
2. key on
3. both heather on HI, fan speed 1
4. press gas pedal for 10 secs.

This will run your pump and circulate the hole system for 12 mins. (make sure your batt. is good or connect to charger). Repeat process 3times paying attention to the reservoir to make sure it doesn't run dry.

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