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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
The point is, you have not driven the C7, you don't know any of the detail regarding the accident, all you've seen is a picture on the internet of a pre-production C7 off the road in a ditch next to a wall of rock and some scrapes on the driver’s side, and you make a silly comment that the new C7 is as crash-able as the old model. Came across as a bit fanboyism to me.
The post was meant to be light hearted. I find it humorous that if you make a joke or critique something you are a "fanboy" which to me is the most ridiculous term for a grown adult to say. Also by your terms I am about as knowledgeable about the accident as you are about Corvettes in general because I have only read about it and not drove one.

I am not going to argue any more or defend my comments. Good Day.

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