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I agree with these guys.....

It could be the software.....but more likely you need at least a fluid flush and new filter in the is DIYable but not all that must top off the fluid while the car is running and do everything from under the car. (at least on my 07 its that way)

You have either a Z type of tranny or on some older models, a GM tranny.

there are posts here dealing with this...what it comes down to in some cases is that the tranny fluid looses its friction charactaristics....or in other words gets worn out and dirty....Change the fluid first after you try the simple software reset. (See DIY)

The torque converter in the tranny is getting confused...and is not sure when to "lock up" or engage the motor fully....the lockup clutch inside the torque converter is just that...a needs the fluid to be in good shape in order for it to do what it is supposed to...that is, smoothly lock against the spinning motor.

If you catch it soon enough, you may not need a new torque converter....but get right on it if you can...waiting only wears the parts more...