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great color first of all. Really shows the lines well especially at night and grows-in on you, the Titanium Silver.

Now, with all due respect to your experience and profession dealing with exotics, I don't think you'll be able to push the new car to the limit, so much that you'd have to modify anything at least for the first year if you're going only once a month. But I'm just generalizing here; you might have an exceptional learning curve, so no offense please.

Another thing I wanted to mention (not to OP at all, but) to the board for once since there's been a number of interests lately regarding track-prepping E9x and how these cars are not good at track... well, relative to some other cars out there, yes, that seems to be correct up to a certain extent, but really all these things are ultimately irrelevant. If Michael Schumacher drove my car completely stock, I'm willing to bet that he'd be faster in one session than myself in a M3 DTM car having practiced all day long, all the while constantly coping in his own way to minimize brake/engine/tire overheating or whatever else problem he may face. I personally believe it's all about how one can make one's car "dance" on the limit of a provided set of equipment, while "managing the situation," if you will.

Sorry, back on topic...
Brake pads and fluids first, then tires, then stg 1 tune w/ cooling, then coils.