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Originally Posted by Ænema View Post
You've already figured it out. Simply pushing the DTC button WILL NOT disable traction control. Part of the traction control system's operation is to close the throttle plate when it sees wheel spin. Once it sees the wheels stop spinning it opens the throttle back up.

2AAF is no big deal as long as it just appears by itself.

Originally Posted by racerg35335 View Post
Your traction control is kicking in. Hold the button for 3 seconds until it turns off if you are going to launch the car from a stop. Otherwise, dts will close the throttle to limit spinning. That is why it is falling on its face during a launch.
lol sweet! I really appreciate it guys

I'm just oozing with newb-ness

Even at highway speeds when the traction control is on/limited when you totally turn it off you can almost feel the car get like lighter (or breath better might be a better way of describing it )