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Originally Posted by RVExotics
Oops, guess my settings are wrong because I didn't get any notices that I got a reply. Yeah to clarify, I'm only considering the E92 coupe, so no F30 issues to think about. I did today and took the 335i out for a drive. I was able to keep it for a couple of hours and took it on some nice country roads as well as the freeway. The power was....well, I suppose I don't have to elaborate. I can honestly say, if I hadn't already configured a car to my exact specifications, I would have driven home in that car without a second thought. As it was, missing the premium package so no leather etc., and the few other things it was missing, I decided to go ahead and wait and get the 328i I built. If finances weren't a consideration, I'd probably get a 335i equipped the same way as my configured 328i. Alas, the price difference was too much.

With these two cars, the lease payments aren't really that far apart: about $450 for the 328i and $500 for the 335i. Chalk it up to my good history with the dealer and these awesome end of model incentives. Those prices are for 10k per year on an MSRP of $46,900 (328i) and $49,700 (335i). If you're in the market, the time is definitely now to lease an E92!
My 335is doesn't have premium package but there is nothing I miss. I was also debating between one with premium and one without it but with better color combo, and I am so glad I picked the car with the color I love.

All of my previous bimmers had prem pack and my wife's F10 is also fully loaded... So I know what I am missing but I don't miss it at all :-) And seriously I cannot tell any difference between leather vs. leatherette. None of people who rode my car noticed that they were sitting on vinyl not leather before I told them.

Get 335i. Just do it - if you love yourself ;-)