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Originally Posted by N6CRB View Post
First of all, a BIG thanks to all that create DIY guides.

I would normally DIS (Do It Son) something like this. But with the kid pulling the 4AM-4PM shift at Space-X we don't see him much. The sensor went off last week so I thought I'd give it a try. I used Akebono 1267 pads for the rear. I had the young'n put Akebono 918A pads on the front a year ago and they are great. No dust to speak of and they stop really well.
I have the Akebono 1267 in the rear since 2009 and I also vouch for them. No negative side, IMO. And as you said dust is *gone*. However, in its 6th year and 75K miles, my 918 & rotors are still in the box. I still have my original ones in the front. BTW, when I had the pad signals (both in front and rear), I had a look and realized that there was plenty of meat... so I cut those damn sensors, tied the wires together, taped them and drove a long time since.