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Originally Posted by bluewind View Post
My 335is doesn't have premium package but there is nothing I miss. I was also debating between one with premium and one without it but with better color combo, and I am so glad I picked the car with the color I love.

All of my previous bimmers had prem pack and my wife's F10 is also fully loaded... So I know what I am missing but I don't miss it at all :-) And seriously I cannot tell any difference between leather vs. leatherette. None of people who rode my car noticed that they were sitting on vinyl not leather before I told them.

Get 335i. Just do it - if you love yourself ;-)
Hah, thanks for the reply and the advice. Did you notice a marked difference in the smell of the car's interior? If I paid attention to it, the leatherette seemed to almost smell more like a petroleum product, which makes sense because in a way I suppose it is. I wasn't sticking my nose right to the seat surface or anything, just the general smell inside the car. I dunno, call me weird but that's something I would miss without premium.

I won't say it wasn't very tempting to get that car because it was. It really, really was! If it had the same features as the car I ordered and was still only $50/mo difference I would have gotten it. Easy decision. What I couldn't justify to myself was paying more for a car that has less, simply for the increase in hp/tq. Not that the increase isn't a big deal!

The other issue weighing on my decision was longevity. BMW hasn't exactly shown that they can turbo a car in a very reliable way yet. If I truly have the intention of keeping whatever car I get for 5-7 years, then I think it might be safer to go with the NA I6 versus the turbo'd I6.

Man I hope I'm not coming across like it was a simple decision. It was not, at all. That car was a beast in the curves and could have easily gotten me into trouble on the freeway. The thing is, the 328 won't be any different in the curves so I'd only really be losing straight line grunt and maybe, just maybe, even saving myself headaches down the line. Still, it was tough to hand them back the key and say "see you in a few weeks."