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I have both an e92 328i and a f30 335i. Honesty, I prefer the driving experience better in the 328i. Both cars are a manual. The only time the 335 is better is under full throttle and it has a little smoother manual shifter. Dont get me wrong, the 335i is a great car but the throttle response and slight turbo lag frustrates me. The n52 engine with a manual transmission is more enjoyable to me around the twisties due primarily to its crisp and immediate throttle response whereas the response on the 335i seems somewhat distant and lacks precision. I guess it is just inherent in turbo engines. I know people here are going to argue and call me crazy but it is just my preference. I think a 328i with m sport and manual transmission is a great automobile. It drives like it has more horsepower and torque than its numbers indicate. I cant vouche for one with an automatic as I have never driven one. That n52 is built for a manual transmission and it is criminal to pair it with and automatic.